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Stetsasonic Statement

4th April 2019 – Update
Further to our original statement below we wanted to offer an update on the situation as it currently stands. 
Firstly we wanted to express our thanks for your patience and support while we continue to try and resolve this situation.
After several attempts and the threat of legal action we finally heard back from Stetsasonic. While they still refuse to offer any refund against the show at The Jazz Cafe they say they plan is to do another show in London in September and honour any tickets from The Jazz Cafe show free of charge. We have offered to help facilitate that show in terms of helping them find a venue, hire equipment etc but will not be the promoters of the show and will be taking no active role in the event itself. This decision has been made as we feel they have burnt their bridges with us already.
Once Stetsasonic have confirmed the details we will be passing on the information of all ticket holders (name, email, number of tickets purchased etc) for them to contact and offer tickets. We will make all the ticket agencies we used and the new venue aware of the situation so they hopefully can contact you. We will of course also be in touch ourselves with you to let you know what details we have.
Please note if you have insisted on a refund through your original place of purchase  for any reason this will mean your tickets will not valid for the September show. We hope that the promise from Stetsasonic of another show and our existing offer of tickets to one of our upcoming shows to those of you that have been in touch satisfies but if not please do get in touch.
Thanks again for your support.
Rod ‘Spin Doctor’ Gilmore
20th March 2019
We wanted to apologise to those disappointed by the Stetsasonic show at The Jazz Cafe.
First and foremost we do these shows as we too are fans and want to see these performances. It is therefore hugely upsetting to us too when situations out of our control effect the performances delivered.
When we first booked this show we were guaranteed by the agent we were dealing with at the time that it would consist of all original members. The show was then passed on to another agent due to contractual issues out of our hands. We were later informed, after we had already announced the show, that Prince Paul no longer performed as part of the group but that all other members would be there. 
It was only the day before the show, the same day that the group were travelling, that we were informed that due to personal issues that Daddy O and Frukwan would not be travelling this is despite us having agreed and paid fees, booked hotels etc in the expectation that they would be performing. 
We were informed that Stetsasonic had performed like this several times and that as our contract was for a performance by Stetsasonic that the show would have to go ahead as planned. 
As it was too late to reschedule we were left with little choice. 
We can only assure you that we feel as upset by this situation as many of you and can only apologise that we or the venue were unable to do more about it. 
As many of you know this is not how we like to conduct business and certainly not how we have built our reputation over the last 14 years so can only apologise again.
If you would like to get in touch with us directly about it please email yo@thedoctorsorders.com
Rod ‘Spin Doctor’ Gilmore
The Doctor’s Orders 

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