History of Hip-Hop @ Southbank Centre

Once again we partied through all eras of Hip-Hop music. Starting from 70s breaks and beats and moving through thumping 80s rap, 90s boom bap, jiggy 2000s bangers and right through today’s biggest club-rumbling hits. No one makes these parties like the crowd, this time consisting of all age groups and walks of hip-hop heads. Huge thank you to all the party people who came and got down on the sunny Southbank!

DJs in order of appearance (and era) were:
DJ Lok (Breaks & Beats)
Ralphonze 90 (80s)
Chris Read (80s/90s)
Spin Doctor (90s)
Mo Fingaz (90s/2000s)
Russ Ryan (2000s)
CWD (2010s)
& Host/Birthday Boy MC Pranksta the Trinigladiata



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