The Doctor’s Orders caught up with the super dope Stalley ahead of his show with us at The Jazz Cafe. Picking his brains about music, sport, style & beards. He proved himself to be a sharp shooter….. Check it out.

You are rocking your second show in London at Jazz Cafe on 23rd August. What are you looking forward to about being in Europe and what can your fans expect from you?

I love the energy in Europe, the fans have a real passion for music and have no reservation about it.  In the US fans are more self conscious in a lot of places and are more restrained at shows. In Europe they just go with the energy.  My fans can expect a lot of energy, excitement and all of my new music from Honest Cowboy.

As an Ohio native and the latest in a line of great musicians from the state including Zapp & Roger Troutman, Bone Thugs, Macy Gray and good friend of ours J-Rawls where do you feel your place is in such a legacy?

Hopefully I fit right in, that’s a great list of artists.  I don’t know if I’m there yet, but I hope one day when they list all of the greatest artists from Ohio that I’m one of the first you think of.

Having moved to NYC what influence have your home state & adopted city had on your music?

Ohio definitely has a lot of influence in the music since that is where my love for car and riding culture comes from.
NYC has probably added some grittiness to my music, but I was always into East Coast hip hop, even when I was in Ohio.

Your lead off single features the legendary Scarface did he offer any pearls of wisdom to you?

Scarface really just told me to kept doing what I’m doing and be myself as an artist.  He also was teaching me about the Houston car culture and Houston hip hop in general.  It was great to build with him.

You clearly have an eye for fashion having worked at NYC’s legendary Alife & set up your own brand GCB. Which brands are doing it for you right  now and why?

I really like RRL for their classic American style.  I like WTAPs and Neighborhood, 2 Japanese brands that have a lot of fresh, simple designs.  Then I also love Blue Collar Gang for the simple, clean, affordable clothes they’re offering.

You were named One of New York’s most stylish by Time Out magazine.  Who would you name as your 5 most stylish people in Hip-Hop & Why?

Stalley, Stalley, Stalley, Stalley and Stalley hahahaha

As well as fashion you have a strong interest in sport and were a keen basketball player. Do you still play and who would be in your Hip-Hop starting 5?

I still play from time to time, but not as much as I’d like to since I’m usually either on the road or in the studio.  I’m not sure who I’d name as my hip hop starting five since I really haven’t played with or against enough people to say.

We have seen footage of you rocking a Manchester United shirt. As an Arsenal fan I hope this was just an ill advised fashion choice rather than a declaration of allegiance. Do you follow any british sports or teams?

I definitely follow and root for ManU religiously!!!

Your beard is both impressive and I guess an important part of your brand given it features on your logo etc. Do you and Rick Ross share beard maintenance tips and who would you consider to have the best beards in the history of Hip-Hop? 

I obviously have the best beard in hip hop.  Ross and I don’t really share tips since we have different types of beards; he keeps his clean and closely manicured.  I let mine flow a little bit more.
Do not miss Stalley live at Jazz Cafe on Friday 23rd August! Tickets and details HERE


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