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Homeboy Sandman is a phenomenal New York MC. I had the pleasure of meeting him and working with him when I put on his first ever UK show and we have remained in touch since.
At the end of 2008, Homeboy Sandman was named “Best Hip Hop Act in NYC 2008” by New York Press and in 2011 he singed to one of my favourite record labels stones throw – the home to the likes of Madlib, Damn Funk, J Dilla and so many more. He is now releasing music through the Mello Music Group and has a new album out now produced by Quele Chris called ‘Dont Feed The Monster’
This interview took place in September 2020 with Homeboy Sandman in his apartment in Brooklyn New York and me calling from home in London. There were a couple of issues with our connection and there was a little work being done on his apartment at the time so please excuse any unavoidable background noise. It was in fact recorded a few days later than planned because when I originally FaceTimed I was greeted by my guest topless on a beach but that is another story…..

Check out the Spotify playlist for his selection here


And if you wanted to buy and the of the records discussed you can head to these links here.
1. DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince – “Jeff Waz On The Beat Box (Extended Remix) from And In this Corner (Jive 1989)
2. Lupe Fiasco – “Dinosaurs”  from The House EP (2020 1st and 15th Too) Digital Only – https://orcd.co/house
3. Nice & Smooth – “Early to Rise” 1989 – from Nice & Smooth (1989 Fresh /  Sleeping Bag)


4. Psychic Lines – Dance, Cartoon Skeleton  (2019 Self Released)
5. Ruben Bladés and Willie Colón – “Tiburón” from Canciones Del Solar De Los Aburridos (1981 Fania) 

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